About us


BUGIA was founded in November, 2012. The idea for the company primarily stemmed from an impossible idea, an insightful observation and a suprising business opportunity.

The brand is designed by two friends working side by side with partners in Italy, who aspire a unique design and an innovative look on fashion. The designers give life to creativity and exhilarating ideas.
We are BUGIA, a brand for metropolitan men who like to stay on top. The cutting edge look that is swanky, fresh and polished.


Are you ready to pay off hard work, by showing elegance and being true to yourself? BUGIA will provide you with the ultimate outfit by styling up your own unique look. To keep the innovative identity of BUGIA, we say; it's not all, we are just getting started.
It's not a lie, this is what we believe.


Fashion is not the latest trends. Because every trend is not for everyone. It is what suits you.

Reiss Field

My attitude is if fashion says it's forbidden, I'm going to do it.

Michael Jackson